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My Perfect Tee

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Is done! Oh yeah. And I love it. I played with the sleeve cap, designing a dozen times, and actually knitting them twice. I’m pretty happy with how they came out. I’ll probably tweak the cap next time to make it a smidge taller and narrower. But isn't that why we knit anyway. I think we all have a secret need for control, and despite what we may tell others, we have a creative side to nourish. I've thoroughly enjoyed the design and redesign process for this garment - it has been a real learning process, not so much from the standpoint of how to actually design something, but more in terms of figuring out what I actually prefer as far as fit, shape, ease, style, etc. We'll be doing this class again 23 June. Highly recommended for all knitters - beginners as well as experienced knitters.

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