Speaking of Krista

May 20, 2007 1 min read

It’s the next project on my list.I swatched up the Alchemy Synchronicity Sunday evening and oh my gosh, is this stuff wonderful!I had been worried because in the skein the semi-solids don’t seem that fabulous, but in the swatch they’re amazing.The subtle shading is luminous.It just glows almost as if it were molten gold.And the fiber blooms just every so slightly to give a plump and silky fabric that's buttery soft. Here’s a shot of the swatch.

The bottom is 4.5 to the inch on 8s and the top is exactly 4 to the inch on 9s. The Krista tee only takes 4 or 5 skeins and with short sleeves, it’s nearly instant gratification.This will be a fun class and an excellent introduction to lace. If you're interested, see the class schedule here.

But first, I need to sew up my Perfect Tee.

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