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The charming David Rahn was here Thursday to talk about how we need more yarn in the shop. The shop is overflowing with yarn, but I still bought more. I mean, he unveiled some really fabulous things like this:

It's Kureyon SOCK YARN!!!

It's totally washable with a fabulous yardage -460 yards on a skein. And can you just imagine a circular lace shawl in this stuff - it's going to be fabulous. It'll be on the shelves December or January. You know how it is with Noro - but it's so worth the wait.

I also ordered some kettle-dyed sock yarn that will really show off your cables and other fancy patterns. That yarn should be here very soon.

  • New stuff

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  • Nov 02, 2007

    OMG. My “oh, I have enough sock yarn” mentality went right out the darn window. Must. have. this. yarn.

    — KathyMarie

  • Nov 07, 2007

    Uhm, it’s David RAHN.

    — Anonymous

  • Jan 06, 2008

    Yup, it sure is! Thanks for the correction. If that’s you, David, I apologize.

    — Ellen

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