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Crazy for Ewe too

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Yup - in La Plata. I'm hoping to get things up and running by the middle of November, but Ikea just told me that shipping can take 3 weeks. We'll see. Anyway, I've ordered a bunch of new yarn for up there, and am busy trying to get the rest of my ducks in a row - insurance, business license. In the meantime, here are some photos of the outside and inside of the new shop. Of course, it will look totally different once we get the yarn in there!

The view from near the front door. Noro will look great in those shelves. And there's a fireplace!

Looking towards the front door.

The dining room.

View from the dining room towards the front door.

Plenty of room for yarn, needles and stuff, plus lots of room to put a work table as well as a cozy seating area. There's also this terrific sunroom where we'll do coffee one morning a week as we do in Leonardtown.
So, should we have our coffee the same day of the week in La Plata as we do in Leonardtown, or would folks like an opportunity to come two days a week? Let me know what you think - you can comment on the blog, or you can send me an email:

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  • Oct 30, 2007

    It looks lovely! :) I’d prefer two different mornings for coffee, but I think you already know that.

    — Tanya

  • Nov 10, 2007

    YAY!!! Only minutes from me instead of over a 1/2 hour!! Coffee- whenever would be great :) I’ll have to go drive by so I know exactly where you’ll be. Are you hiring LOL (I know, Shannon H asked first).

    — Tere H

  • Oct 29, 2007

    Okay. Your email address doesn’t like mine, so I’ll post on the blog!

    Yeah. I am so looking forward to the La Plata store. Finally I’ll have a LYS that’s within 20 minutes of the house (Leonardtown is about an hour’s drive for me). Are you hiring?

    — Shannon H.

  • Oct 29, 2007

    Oh. And for coffee. Whatever others decide would be fine, as I would probably only go to the La Plata store.

    — Shannon H.

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