Ruffled Roses

July 31, 2008 1 min read

What a great class we had on this amazing scarf! In La Plata yesterday we had three separate sessions which all kind of melded into one another. Pam and Paula and Kathy and I started at 2, and we roped Deborah into making one. Then Ann came around 5, and joined the first group. Then around 6, Stelly, and Sarah and Gigi joined the fun. Did I forget anyone? We were rufflin' fools. Everyone's looked great, despite starting over again and again. By the time the other 2 Pams got there, we had to pull chairs from every room! Such energy and excitement, and where is my camera? Why safely in the bottom of my bag - I was too busy ruffling and helping others. Oh well, Pam came back today and I got a photo of hers which is fab because she selected the purple ruffle. Very chic, I think.

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