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Rather Huge Carpet Bag is rather wonderful!

July 31, 2008 1 min read

In this photo, I haven't sewn in the lining, but just pinned it. Rest assured that the lining is now safely sewn into the bag, and I'm happily toting everything back and forth to the various shops in it. I have not yet decided which flowers to put on the bag. I had planned first a pink camelia, but then I was thinking about the unfurling roses, but the fushcia's are so lovely, and of course, the tulips are just the essence of elegance. As usual, fraught with indecision, I have done nothing. And I can bet that in a year, I will still not have decided. This is a topic that needs more thought, more discussion, and probably a therapist...or at least a few glasses of wine with my good friends.