Take Two in La Plata

March 22, 2009 1 min read

Wow, I am so impressed. These are photos from the last class of Take Two Fit and Finish in La Plata. For several of these ladies, this was their first sweater, and as we found, it was not a trivial undertaking - reversible fabric, tricky stitch pattern, increases in pattern, and plenty of knitting. But these ladies arrived Saturday morning with their sweater parts knitted, and ready to seam. Each one was different, but they were all spectacular. See for yourself:

Here's Pat's in teal and blue

Vicky's in two shades of green

Evelyn's in two shades of blue

Nancy on the right doing Take Two in purple

and Carole with the beautiful orange and rose

I can't believe how pretty they all are! I'm wearing mine-- there's a better picture of it on my blog.

Norma came in later on Saturday, and she's started her seaming as well. Can't wait to post photos of hers in the rich warm tones of Ellyn Cooper Gemini.

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