Saturday in Leonardtown

March 03, 2009 1 min read 1 Comment

We had our second Fit and Finish Class in Leonardtown Saturday. Most everyone had finished the back, and some had even finished the fronts and part of their sleeves. Here's the back of mine in the process of getting pinned to the blocking board. The left side still needs more pins to straighten out the edge. While this particular stitch pattern lies very flat, it has a good bit of stretch, and I wanted mine to open up just a bit, hence the blocking.

It was a pleasure to see Monika's finished bolero jacket from the Spring/Summer 2007 Vogue Knitting. Designed by Joan McGowen-Michael of White Lies Designs, this jacket has beautiful, lacy crochet trim. Nice job, Monika.

Kathy's afternoon session of the Baby Surprise Jacket was a success too. The row by row chart helped keep stitches and decreases on track.

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March 08, 2009

Thanks, Kathy and Ellen, for a wonderful class! A week later, I’m 6 rows away from completing my jacket and can’t wait to make many more!

— jal —

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