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My pink self

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Here is a rare photo of the ever-elegant Paula wearing, gasp, a tie-dyed t-shirt,

and me wearing an attractive middle school gym uniform t-shirt. Good heavens, what has gotten in to us? Or should I say, on to us? Well, duct tape, to be precise.

We were giving the body-form-making effort a trial run. First you cross your heart - just like an 18-hour commercial. Then round and round and round and round...

until finally, viola! I am a shiny pink mummy.

Paula cut the whole thing off me, and it's already amazingly sturdy - even without the stuffing. This was a great chance to work out some of the kinks (no pun intended) before we do the class next month. We'll have another go at it next week I get to wrap Paula in duct tape and make her a shiny pink mummy too.

If you would like to make your own dress form with us next month, call the La Plata shop at 240-349-2583. The class is Saturday, November 21st in the afternoon.

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