Look at all these cool things we've been knitting

March 22, 2010 1 min read

First is my Robin in La Plata who knit this hat and wears it so fabulously.  She's laughing because it looks so professional that I didn't even know she made it, even though she'd bought the yarn the week before.  Here's a close-up of her excellent work.

Norma, La Plata's most prolific knitter, finished this stunning twin set in Spud & Chloe.  

There's a beautiful detail on the sleeve too.

In Leonardtown, Sarah was in last week (or maybe the week before) with two gorgeous sweaters she'd finished.  The first one is from one of my favorite books, Jane Ellison's Knitting Noro. Look nicely it fits Sarah - she's had two knit and finish classes and knows how to customize patterns to suit her body.  Excellent work, Sarah.

This one Sarah knit for her daughter.  It's also a Jane Ellison design called Gloria.  Isn't the red Silk Garden colorway is perfect with that red Tupa!

Amanda finished her Eastscarf too - she opted to continue the narrow end all the way, per the pattern.  Looks great.

I finally finished my Eastscarftoo.  Woohoo!

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