Coco Vee Wrap

February 15, 2010 1 min read

I love this top color of Silk Garden. To me it just screams fresh springtime, but in a garment all by itself, it might scream a little too loudly...just a smidge overwhelming. After the color experiment Amy and I did with light and dark backgrounds (see it here) I decided that it would be much muted if I used it against a light background. Against a not completely white, but creamy and beige background, it would be even more muted. I love the subtly shaded cream Silk Garden colorway and thought it would be the perfect way to temper the bright and make a really interesting combination.

Here's my progress on the Coco Vee mitered square wrap. I've gotten almost 5 squares completed.

Square one

Squares two and three

three and four

and four and five

I am pleased with the way the cream, beige, and even darker shades in the background really keep the brighter shade in check. Can't wait to see how it looks against the brilliant orange and cherry red.

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