Follow up on the Mitered Squares Sunday Session

April 14, 2010 1 min read 1 Comment

Way back In February (seems like a million years, ago, doesn't it!) we did a Sunday Session on Mitered Squares.  Most folks started a CocoVee Wrap from Jane Slicer-Smith's beautiful book, Swing, Swagger, and Drape. 

The lovely Nancy has been working on hers steadily, and a few weeks ago one of her friends reported that she'd arrived at church wearing a pink turtleneck and a gorgeous pink wrap.  Hmmmm, could that be her CocoVee Wrap?  Oh yes, indeed.  She brought it in again last Friday so we could document it in all its glory. 

and the back

Nancy used Noro Silk Garden in that beautiful pink/purple/olive and pink Shepherd's Wool as the background. 

Send me a photo of your CocoVee Wrap and I'll post it here.  I've been working on mine too.  This photo was taken about two weeks ago, and today I'm just three squares away from being done. 

Check my blog in the next day or so for photos of it completely finished!!!

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Laura A.
Laura A.

April 14, 2010

Wow, Coco Vee in pink! Stunning. I’m slowly working on mine in-between several other projects. I’ll try to send a photo soon.

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