Flatter yourself

June 14, 2010 2 min read

In this week's newsletterI am talking about knitting and wearing tops that fit and flatter you rather than hiding inside big loose ones.  I promised a few examples, so here they are.

This first one is my favorite.  The model and garment show exactly what I am trying to say.  This is not an anorexic waif, but a real woman with beautiful curves. The vibrant color is dazzling against her skin, and she looks gorgeous!


Here are a few free patterns from Knitty that are designed to fit you like I'm talking about.

Lucie is long sleeved, but you could certainly make her short-sleeved or even sleeveless. This sweater is straight stockinette with a cute little ruffle detail at the hem and neckline which gives it a great feminine look. The point is the fit.  This sweater doesn't fall straight from the bustline down to the waist - it eases over the bust pulls in below.

Same with Pioneer, which has a deep v-neck that gives you extra room in the bust.  It also gives you the opportunity to show off a nice camisole (or a nice cleavage if you dare)  You can, of course, make the vee a little shallower  But don't knit it too big.  See how it cups under the bustline. 

Tempting is an example of how flattering ribbing can be.  Worked in the round, this top stretches just enough over the bust and pulls in close at the waist.  Very nice.


A little less bare than Tempting, Yosemite uses a baby cable rib to give a nice fit.  The collar is a nice touch too.  You could wear it anywhere.


Petrie is probably the most modest of them all, but even so, it isn't baggy.  The high vertical detail gives the bust a little room without sacrificing the rest of the body's fit.  Very nice. 

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