Classes to instruct and empower

August 10, 2010 1 min read

What a great weekend we had with Chris Bylsma!  She has a wonderful way of inspiring, instructing, and empowering her students.  We played with color and texture Saturday, blending yarns into gorgeous fabric landscapes.  

Sunday we got down to the business designing our own garments.  It was very instructive, and everyone learned a lot. 

o exciting, Our classes are carefully constructed not only to teach, but to empower you.  Our goal with every class is to set you on your own path of knititng independence.  We want to show you the way of confidence and success in everything you set out to knit.  It’s kind of like parenting.  While we love to teach, and we’re delighted to guide you along your project, Our goal is not to keep you tied to our shops’ staff.  We want you to move confidently into each project and achieve success every time.  We want to show you where the pitfalls lie, how to recognize them, and  what to do when you reach them.  That is the goal of every single class we offer and every minute of instruction we provide.  Sure, you are most welcome at each and every  class on our line-up, but we would much rather h

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