not your everyday knitted hat

August 09, 2010 1 min read

When Amy told me she was going to knit this sun hat I thought she was nuts.  I imagined that it would be floppy, sloppy, and just not work out as advertised.  Fortunately, Amy was not at all dissuaded by my skepticism and convinced me to put it on the schedule for our August Sunday session.

When she showed up at the staff meeting wearing her completed hat, we were all amazed.  Amy's hat was perfect! It was so cute--it stood out just like the picture--and it fit her head, just as she said it would.   See how great it looks!

Join us Sunday, August 15 from 1-4 pm in Leonardtown for a Sunday Session (free with purchase of materials) The pattern (free  here) calls for Seduce, which Amy used.  MaryJo is using Silken Straw (yum) for hers.  Amy will help you select something appropriate for yours.  Please print a copy of the pattern and bring it along.

Students will learn about casting on so that you don't get twisted stitches, lacy increases and decreases (yo, skp and sk2p) and working with dpn's.  In addition to the yarn, students will need at least 8 markers (7 of one kind and one different) a tapestry needle and a crochet hook. You'll begin on a 16" circular size 6 and then switch to dpn's.  You will also need a piece of millinery wire which Amy will have on hand for $2.

This is a really different knit that's quick, easy, and fun.   Please call the shop to let us know you're coming.

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