Two kinds of fabulous

August 09, 2010 2 min read

I met with David, my Noro rep last week.  After all this swooning over Rowan Colourscapes, you may have wondered where that left Noro.  Yes, I am head over heels about Colourscapes, but has it dampened my heavy addiction to Noro?  Of course not.  Noro and Colourscapes are two totally different yarns.   Each one has its own charm and appeal.   Here’s how I look at these two fabulous fibers.

Colorscapes is a spectacularly handsome yarn – smooth, rich, refined, elegant.  The colors are calm and flow gracefully and imperceptibly from one to the next.   The overall effect is completely stunning.  The designs for this yarn are chic.  In human form, Colourscapes is Cary Grant.

He’ll show up for your date in a limousine wearing a black tuxedo and whisk you off for champagne and delicate hors-d’oeuvres, classical music, and art.  He is gracious and funny, and a wonderful dancer.  So subtle is his seduction, that you’re almost surprised to wake up next to him. The next day, you’re pleased to find that he looks equally splendid in casual clothes – everything he puts on looks just a little dressed up.

At the other end of the spectrum we have Noro.  Earthy, daring, dangerous, exciting.  There’s an unevenness to the spin that keeps you guessing.  Some odd color thrown in makes you wonder what Mr. Noro is thinking, but it works.  Noro is Clint Eastwood, of course.

A little rough around the edges, but swooningly handsome and sexy in a way that makes you weak at the knees. Wearing jeans, boots, and a long duster, he’s full of danger and the most thrilling adventure. When he rides in on his huge horse, he clearly hasn’t had time for a shower, let alone a shave, but reeking of power and raw manliness.  You want him.  The next day when he does shower and shave you realize just how magnificently he cleans up and you are so into him all over him again.

Whew...I better go splash some cool water on my face and think about  knitting…

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