2010 - The year that was

December 28, 2010 2 min read

Another year has gone by, and  I cannot believe it.  Back in 2004 when I was signing the lease in Leonardtown, Mr. Blair asked me how long a lease I wanted.  I tentatively asked for the minimum: a three year lease with a three year option.  I was terrified, as I calculated how many skeins of yarn I'd have to sell each day just to cover the rent!   Here we are almost seven years later, and honestly, some days it still terrifies me.  Truly, though, Crazy for Ewe continues to be a really wonderful experience.  Meeting and getting to know you has been a genuine pleasure.  Each of you bring something special to the shop community, and I have so enjoyed spending time with you.  I hope that Crazy for Ewe has added a special something to your life as well.

In 2010, between the two shops, we've brought 33 new knitters into the fold and had more than 500 new customers find us.  We've updated the newsletter format, and we now send more than 1200 weekly emails.  You have grown as knitters as well.  Many of you dove deep  into the world of lace with us,  knit your first sweater, and discovered the joys of socks.   Lots of you who've been knitting for some time took your sweaters to the next level with our Fit and Finish classes.  I am so proud of your progress and the work you've done.  Like each of you, I am grateful to the wonderful Crazy for Ewe team - Ginni, Paula, Amy, Sandy, and Lynne who have helped guide and instruct your progress along the way.  Take a moment to think about what you've learned and accomplished with your knitting in 2010, and give yourself a much deserved pat on the back!

Looking forward, I am very excited about 2011.  We've ordered fabulous new yarns, chosen spectacular projects, and scheduled interesting classes to challenge and empower you.  I hope that you will continue to stretch yourself a bit with each project and further expand your skills.  Knitting, like life, is a journey taken one step at a time with always something new to learn along the way. 

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