Adorable beret

April 18, 2011 1 min read 1 Comment

Hats are just the thing, sometimes - either as a way to show your moxie or a graceful way to make it through a bad hair day.  I sure wish I had one today, so I went looking on Ravelry for a cute little beret that would do - it needed to be smart and fashionable, not hard to knit, and free so that I could download it and get started immediately.  Patience is not my strong suit, so when I cam across this one that's worked on size 11 needles and can be knit "in a day" - I knew this was the one. 

Photo from Ravelry Tiffanythomas

It's knit with a worsted weight yarn (Malabrigo) on size 11 needles, so you know it's drapey.  I wanted this one to be summery but not sloppy on that large a needle so I went with Rowan All Season's Cotton which is light but really bouncy.  Plus this pale pink has been calling to me.   I made Bill stop by the shop tonight after Bruster's so I could pick it up and get started...which I did.  See...

I showed the picture to my sixteen-year old son, who said (and I quote) "I think you could rock that look, Mom."  We'll see...

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April 19, 2011

Oh that’s so funny, I CO the same project last night!

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