Circular control

April 06, 2011 1 min read

My circular needles are out of control.  An odd assortment of Addis, Lantern Moons and a few ancient ones with a certain amount of sentimental value.  It's shameful that they live tangled up and shoved in a bag like this.

I had ordered some of the circular needle cases from Della Q, and immediately (and selfishly) snagged a fuchsia one for myself because it goes so nicely with my new hot pink bag.  I am really happy with the improvement Della Q made to these cases.  That little flap on the left of each pouch closes over the needles and keeps them tidily tucked away. 

Here's the case with all those needles in it - see how nice and organized it is.  We have these in every color in both shops.  Happy happy.

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