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At last

More Noro Furisode arrived this week.  The colors are just lovely. Furisode comes in a hank, and sometimes it's hard to tell how the colors work up, so I've rolled one into a skein so you can see.  

Here are all the colors


This is a great fiber because it combines Noro's fab colors with the softness of cotton - plus this one knits up at 14 stitches to 4 inches so it's a quick knit.  Here are a couple of my favorite designs for Furisode.

 You can also do an Adult Surprise Jacket in Furisode (as Ginni is doing).  Fun stuff!

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  • Apr 09, 2011

    Can you tell us the pattern names for the first two photos? Thanks!

    — Jan Crews

  • Apr 09, 2011

    Hi Jan -they’re just given numbers – They are 18, 14, and 16 from top to bottom. I have this book in stock if you’re interested. Ellen

    — Ellen

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