Linen in winter

February 08, 2012 1 min read

Linen stitches make a really great fabric.  In smooth solid color yarn you get a beautifully textural fabric that highlights the stitch pattern. In multicolored yarns it blends the colors together so nicely - you don't get stripes or puddles, just an appealing texture and overall sense of the colors that drew you to the multicolored yarn in the first place.  You could also use two different yarns - one solid and one multi - or two solids or two multis!  You'll be amazed at how lovely two different multicolored yarns look in this stitch - I promise.  Even if they're really different.   it will be gorgeous.  For all its beauty, linen stitch (and half linen) is truly simple.  It's just about slipping every other stitch with the yarn in front. 

Here's a fun cowl that will get you going on linen stitch -

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