Jenny's wish list

November 04, 2012 1 min read

Sweet Jenny has come on board with her wish list.  We need to be sure Jenny's husband gets a copy of this - he's the incredibly thoughtful guy who signed her up for the entire weekend with Shirley Paden as a surprise for her birthday.  What a prince!  Here's what Jenny is hoping for:

I have wanted a yarn bowl forever! Those beautiful handmade pottery bowls are perfect for containing yarn while knitting away. 

A Gleenerwould be wonderful and so very useful.

I've had my eye on a few of the Jul Designs Closures, such as the Calla LillyStick Pin and the Tendril Fermoir. Really any of them would be just great.

Tendril Fermoir
Last, but not least, Lantern Moon Needles. Any shape or size would make me very happy :)

Here's hoping I'm on the "Nice" list! 

~If anyoneis on the "Nice" list, it's Jenny for sure :-)

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