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Blue Heron Trunk Shows

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Blue Heron yarns were in the house this weekend.  Demian Savits, Blue Heron owner, brought box after box of beautiful fibers. The biggest hit was the Bulky Rayon Chenille - I mean really, who could resist this luxurious fiber and the plushy fabric it makes!  Lots of people bought it for a gorgeous one skein cowl - a terrific gift for those of you thinking about holiday knitting.


One skein cowl in Rayon Chenille

Cowl in bulky rayon chenille 

Another really popular project in the Bulky Chenille was this beautiful long vest.  Knit side to side, the colors fall in flattering vertical lines.  It's open at the sides for an easy fit that looks great on all body sizes and shapes.  It's a very simple construction, so it's easy to knit, and easy to modify, if you like.

mini ruana chenille 

I wore the vest most of the day Friday.  It feels so nice on - I can't wait to make my own.  I would be starting immediately, but Paulette saved me by purchasing my favorite color. Thank you, Paulette.  I do need to finish something before I start this.

Paulette purchasing Bulky Chenille 

Demien brought tons of Rayon Metallic, his most popular fiber, in every Blue Heron color he had in stock as well as lots of samples.

choosing Rayon Metallic

What fun to see how the different colorways worked up!  I am always surprised at how subtle the sparkle can be in this fiber - especially in stockinette stitch.   Beautiful in the evening, it's perfectly appropriate for daytime garments and casual tanks.

Holden Shawlette in Rayon Metallic
Tank in Rayon Metallic, Poppy 

Because Blue Heron Yarns come in generous hanks, there were several very popular one-skein projects.  This topper in laceweight Cotton Rayon Twist is one.  In this yarn, a strand of rayon is plied with a strand of cotton; the two fibers take the dye differently for a shimmery yarn with a beautiful hand.

Lacy top in Cotton Rayon Twist 

Another very fun project is this fringed shawl.  Triangular shawls can be tricky, but this one is large and open and very flattering.  This is one skein of Rayon Metallic and pattern free with purchase!

Lynne in Spider 

There was lots, lots more - I know Demien took more pictures that he'll probably post on Facebook, and I'll post more on the Pinterest board.

This was a fun weekend.  Over the past year or so, I have made some very conscious decisions about companies with whom I want to do business.  There are plenty of companies out there making yarn, so I have the luxury of choosing those that share my values and my commitment to customer service.  Blue Heron Yarns is such a company.  They are small and local, and all of their fiber comes from small independent mills in the United States.  That makes a difference to me.  From a customer service perspective, Demian stands behind his product.  His quality is consistent, his prices are fair, and he delivers on time.  And Demien's a really nice guy.  I look forward to working with him more in the future and bringing you lots of beautiful yarns from Blue Heron.

Demien Savits, Blue Heron owner with his son, Jackson 

Demien Savits and his son, Jackson 


Comments on this post (5)

  • Jul 22, 2013

    Really enjoyed the Blue Heron trunk show in LaPlata on Saturday. I can’t wait to start knitting something beautiful with the yearn I bought. It had been a while since I’d been there, so it was nice seeing Ellen again.

    — Caroll Mealy

  • Jul 21, 2013

    Really enjoyed the trunk show yesterday. Thanks to you and Lynn for always doing such a great job for us. Got the patterns and can’t wait to start the bright green topper.

    — Ann

  • Jul 22, 2013

    Totally enjoyed the trunk show on Saturday. Can’t wait to start using the Blue Heron yarn I bought. It’s gorgeous!! Thanks Ellen. It was so nice seeing you again. Where can I get the pattern for the spiderweb shawl?

    — Caroll Mealy

  • Jul 22, 2013

    Sorry I missed it! Saturday was Jack’s birthday, so I was busy celebrating with him. Sounds like you had a good turn out and a good time!

    — Barbara

  • Jul 21, 2013

    Attended the trunk show and yes, everything was just scrumptious. Just have to do the chenille vest and the flaming fringed shaw……can’t wait to get the patterns! Thanks Ellen and Lynn for always providing great service to your customers….and such great eye candy to drool over!

    — Mollie Strotkamp

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