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A new normal

After her first lesson, one of my newer students started a practice piece in one by one ribbing.  The following week she came to class, dismayed at an error she had made.  After working a lovely ribbing for several inches, she'd lost a stitch, and her knit one purl one no longer lined up in neat columns.  There was a messy bit as the patterns adjusted, but after several rows, her fabric settled into the pattern we know as seed stitch.  The other students commented on how pretty the seed stitch looked, but it wasn't what she'd intended, so she ripped it out and started again focusing on making those stitches line up just so.  Knitting is great that way.  Just rip out the part you don't like and do it over again.  Take two.  Take three.  Whatever.  If only life were so simple.

Things don't always go as we plan.  We make mistakes, we suffer heartbreak, and we experience loss and grief that destroys our world as we know it.  Everything is in shambles, and our life is changed forever.  Step by step and day by day, we continue to move through the wreckage.  The landscape is unfamiliar; it's not what we wanted, and nothing is as it's supposed to be.  But we navigate our life because we must.  Life is not knitting.  We cannot simply rip out the past and rework it to suit.  Life is linear, and we can only move forward.  And as we do, a new pattern emerges.  We get to a new normal. 

In the new normal, everything looks very different.  The stitches of our life don't line up as they did, but in a new way.  It's not as we planned, but it can still be beautiful.  We have to work at making it beautiful, and we have to work at seeing it so.  Our psychological health and well being depends on it.  It's a process, and there will be many rows before the beauty of the new normal reveals itself, but it always does.  We just have to be willing to work through the transition and be open to seeing it. 


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  • Ellen Lewis

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  • Apr 06, 2018

    Very inspirational. I sooooooooo relate.

    — Karen Newman

  • Apr 04, 2018

    So very true. Beautifully written

    — Melissa willey

  • Apr 03, 2018

    Beautifully conveyed message. Thank you!

    — - D. Brewer

  • Apr 03, 2018

    Thank u for “a new normal”. I can relate to your new knitter. Have done that many times as new knitter & as a LITTLE bit better knitter (cause I want it to look right) The analogy to life is so very true at age 72, today, I am finding it even more so and not so easy to find the beauty in it. My husband has dementia and it has nothing good for his demeanor or personality but comments made it easier and so does knitting/crocheting. Plan on spending more time on both as therapy just wish I lived in town I would most surely be a part of your classes. Everyone has always been so pleasant and helpful when in town to help my sister. U should consider writing u already have a title. Thanks again for encouraging words

    — Sandy seith (Ohio)

  • Apr 03, 2018

    Ellen this was so beautiful and touching. It really makes me want to come back and try it again. You probably don’t remember, but I was one of those frustrated new knitters a few years ago. I never came back to try again, but now I am re-thinking it….Take 12!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    — debbie standish

  • Apr 03, 2018

    What a perfect analogy. And thankfully, it’s also the knitting that more easily carries us forward.
    Thank you for this message.

    — Caroll Mealy

  • Apr 03, 2018

    “Knitter’s Philosophy, and Other Bits of Wisdom.” Sounds like a book title to me.

    — Dara

  • Apr 03, 2018


    — Elaine M Phillips

  • Apr 03, 2018

    What a great message! Thank you.

    — R-J

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