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Addi Needle Quality

I always say that Addi needles are the Mercedes Benz of the knitting needle world, and I believe they are the highest quality knitting needle available.  Addi needles are precision engineered completely in Germany, where the company has been crafting knitting needles and crochet hooks since 1829.While technology and machinery have advanced greatly over the years, it still requires 25 production steps and a considerable amount of hands-on craftsmanship to create each needle.  

Addi needle guarantee

Addi and its exclusive United States distributor, Skacel, believe so strongly in the product, that they offer a full lifetime guarantee on Addi needles purchased in the United States through an authorized Addi retailer. That means that when you have a problem with any Addi needle you buy from me, you bring it to me, and, with the support of Skacel, I will make it right for you. To me, that guarantee speaks volumes about the quality of the Addi product. 

Addi Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Unlike companies that havemanufacturing facilities in regions with lower production and environmental costs, Addi has remained in Germany adhering to strict environmental regulations and offering fair wages to their employees. Addi is the only full-line needle producer in Europe.

What are the different types of Addi needles

All Addi needles are precision engineered with an ultra-flexible nylon cord and a smooth, snag free join.  The primary difference between the various Addi styles are the shape, material, and point of their shaft. Let’s look at the differences

What is the Addi Turbo Needle 

The original Addi needle was the Addi Turbo, so named because it was so smooth that stitches slipped off the needle easily allowing knitters to knit faster.  The Addi Turbo tip is more rounded than sharp. Most knitters today prefer a sharper tip, and Addi Rockets and Rocket Squares are more popular than the classic Turbos.  However, for larger gauge yarns and single plies, Turbos are useful as they help prevent splitting the yarn as you knit.  Addi Turbo needles are available in 24 sizes, from a US 000 to US 50, in 8" to 60" lengths and as an interchangeable set. 

Addi Turbo Fixed Circular knitting needle


What’s the difference between Addi Turbo and Addi Rocket?

The Addi Rocket has a much sharper tip than the Addi Turbo.  The Rocket has the same smooth finish and cable, but the sharper and more tapered tip has become a fan favorite as the sharper tip makes it easier to knit lace stitches and to knit finer yarns generally. The Addi Rocket needles are available in 19 sizes, from a US 000 to US 13, in 16" to 60" lengths and as an interchangeable set.  

Addi rocket tip vs addi turbo tip

What are Addi Rocket Squared Needles 

Introduced in 2020, the Rocket Squared needlesare a version of the Rocket needles with a slightly rounded square shaft.  The shaft has the same smooth finish and sharp point as Rockets  but with a special no-slip texture that makes them easier to hold and helps keep the stitches on the needle until you’re ready for them to come off. The Rocket Squared are my personal favorite of all the Addi needles.  Addi Rocket Squared needles are available in 16 sizes, from a US 0 to US 11, in 16" to 60" lengths and as an interchangeable set.  

addi rocket squared needles close up


What are Addi Ewenicorn needles?

Introduced in 2022, the Addi Ewenicorn needles are a playful twist for the Addi line - literally! The shaft of the Addi Ewenicorn is twisted like a magical unicorn’s horn. The fun pink super-flexible cable has a tiny SOS slit at the top near the snag-free join so you can add a lifeline to your project.  The tip on the Addi Ewenicorn fixed circular needles is more rounded, like the Turbo needles. However, the tip on the Ewenicorn interchangeable needles is the sharp Rocket tip. Available in 14 sizes, from a US 0 to US 11, in 24" to 60" lengths

Addi Ewenicorn needle closeup

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Barbara Bryan-Wilson
Barbara Bryan-Wilson

September 19, 2023

I have knit with square kneedle and love them, I can’t wait to to buy the new set of the Aldi ones! Let me know when they come in and I’ll order mine!

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