February 01, 2017 1 min read

Singularly disenchanting socks Crazy for Ewe Advanced sock class

The first of the month, and we just finished our team meeting - we're all so happy and excited about the new space, the new yarn and all new everything!  Especially the classes.  We have fabulous classes planned through May - can you believe it?  It's wonderful to have a team that keeps you on track and organized. 

Jenny's sock classes have built up quite an army of sock knitters who are asking for more advanced sock classes.  If you're one of her sock soldiers, you'll be happy to know that a whole slate of advanced sock classes are on the calendar, starting February 23rd.  Are you ready for an advanced sock class?  If you've taken one of Jenny's sock classes or knit a sock on your own, then you're ready.  Doesn't matter if you've done toe up or cuff down - either one is enough experience to do the advanced classes.  If you've not taken one of Jenny's sock classes, the last one before the Advanced Class is starting tomorrow.  You can choose either the afternoon session, or the evening session.  Sign up here and be ready for the special patterns she'll be using for the Advanced Sock Classes.  

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