February 07, 2017 2 min read

As the song goes, "time, time, time, see what's become of me..."  I always think I have plenty of time, but it goes so quickly.  I have only to look at my youngest son, Colton, who was a busy toddler when I opened the shop, and now he's a high school freshman towering over me.  Seems like yesterday.  Here at the shop, I've been so carefully planning and scheduling classes -- I think I'm on top of everything, but here we are already into February.  How does that happen??? Remember that retreat I scheduled nearly a full year ago? It's next month! And the Maidenhair Cowl class we scheduled in December? It's this week! Brioche Class? Next Saturday. And our next Mystery Shawl KAL - end of this month. Oh. My. Gosh. Ack!!!! Fortunately, It's not too late. I haven't missed anything, and neither have you, but you will want to hurry.

First, if you want to go on the retreat, I need a $100 deposit by the 15th of this month. There are single, double, and triple rooms available. It's going to be a great weekend, and I'm super excited to spend it with you. You'll come back relaxed and refreshed with new friends and wonderful memories. 

The Maidenhair Lace Cowl class is this week. It's a one session class that includes the yarn. Here's why it's a great project -

  1. The yarn is delicious. Luminous silk with a smidge of Yak (think cashmere, only softer) it's crazy fabulous to knit with. Just having it run through your fingers is a treat.
  2. It's a perfect beginning lace project. It looks waaaay more complicated than it is. It's a 4-row, marker-friendly repeat; if you can knit in the round, you can make this cowl with us. 
  3. The pattern is both written out and charted, so however you like to work pattern stitches, we've got you covered. 
  4. It's a stylish accessory and makes a wonderful gift for someone knitworthy.
  5. If you've never done any lace, this is a great way to stretch your brain muscles a little bit. If you're comfortable with lace, this is a fun reason to spend an evening with luxurious yarn, chocolate, and knitting. 
Choose your color and sign up here. Afternoon session is today, evening session is tomorrow. If you can, please pick up your yarn ahead of time, or come a little early to cast on and work the few rows of garter stitch before we dive into the lace.

Waiting till the last minute can be nerve-wracking, just any Patriot fan!  We're in the fourth quarter of the game, on some of htese so go ahead and sign up. Check the class list at the bottom of the newsletter and sign up on line or in the shop because class size is limited, and you don't want to miss out.

I look forward to seeing you at the retreat, or in one of the classes, or just in the shop and around the table.  You are always welcome here.


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