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Berroco Millefiori and Millefiori Big Trunk show in the box

At my old house I planted some fall blooming crocus bulbs over a particularly ambitious spring weekend.  As usual, things got busy, and I didn't think anything more about it.  Then one crisp day, kind of like this morning, I got up and there were these beautiful little blossoms all over the long-forgotten space in my side yard.  It was fabulous!   This week I had a similar experience when the new Berroco Millefiori Trunk Show arrived.  I'd placed the order for this spectacular colorful yarn and scheduled a trunk show, but with the busy spring season, it didn't make it into my calendar.  Then yesterday Ginni picked up the mail and Wow - a profusion of beautiful garments in Millefiori and Millefiori Big. 

Millefiori is a worsted weight wool blend with shimmery ribbons of color running through.  It's perfect for simple garments in plain stitches that let the yarn take center stage. I love this pullover with its easy fit and flattering vertical lines-

Pullover Mei in Berroco Millefiori

and this cozy wrap.

Daiyu shawl in Berroco Millefiori

Millefiori Big is the same yarn in a chunky version that knits up quickly for bold accessories like this gorgeous ponhco,

Biyu Poncho in Berroco millefiori Big

and this stunning crocheted scarf

 We have all of these garments and more at the Berroco Trunk Show, opening this week at First Friday!  

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September 05, 2017

And my “wish list” has gotten longer, just now. I saw these items in the shop this weekend and they were gorgeous pieces. Some don’t look too complicated to finish. Looking forward to the year of endless projects!

Elaine Phillips
Elaine Phillips

August 30, 2017

One of my favorite yarns!! I loved working with it last year and am excited to see the new colors!

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