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Crazy for Ewe Book Club

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Crazy for Ewe Book Club

You're invited to join the Crazy for Ewe Book Club.  Our first meeting will be Wednesday, February 21st at 5:30pm.  Our first book will be Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.  It's a compelling read that won the Anthony Award for best novel and the Edgar Award for Best Mystery.  Beautifully written, suspenseful, and thought-provoking, I think you'll really enjoy this book. 

I'm a big fan of audio books because for me, there's no greater pleasure than to sit and knit while I listen to a good book.  I use Audible, download the book to my phone, and listen while I knit.  You can also get many titles at the public library.  Or you can read on your Kindle or get a good old fashioned book.  Whatever you choose is fine. 

I'm going to limit participation in the book club to 10 people to start, so if you are interested and willing to commit to reading this book by February 21st, email me right away.  The first 10 people will be included.  


  1. How do we choose books for the club to read?

    In this book club the selection criteria will be as follows

      • Quality - sorry, but we're not going to be reading trash. No judgement, but the point of a book club is to have a good discussion, and it's hard to have a good discussion of flat characters, predictable plots, and hackneyed writing.  
      • Fun to read - This is our free time here. We're not in school, so I'm not interested in books that I have to slog through or otherwise feel like work. 
      • Great narration/voice acting in the audio version - there's nothing worse than having a good book spoiled by a lousy reader.  

    1. How often do we meet?

    We'll meet monthly, on the third Wednesday of the month

      1. Why is the size limited?

      A good book club has a lively discussion where everyone has a chance to both listen and talk.  If the group gets too big, there tend to be distracting sidebar discussions.

        1. What if I don't want to talk during the meeting?

        That's okay.  You don't have to talk. Everyone will have a chance to talk if they want, but no one is obligated to speak.  This isn't class.  It's supposed to be fun.

          1. Who is leading the group?

          To start, I will select the books and prepare the discussion topics.  If someone else wants a turn doing it, they will be most welcome to do so.

            1. Can I bring my knitting or crochet to the book club meeting?


              1. Can I come to the book club meeting if I don't read the book?


            • Comments on this post (8)

              • Feb 21, 2018

                Greetings Ellen,
                Due to a wretched stomach virus, I unfortunately won’t be able to join the group this evening. Don’t want to share my germs. I had read the book last yr. and loved it. Sorry to miss out on discussion of this special novel. I will, however, be attending the next month’s gathering if there is space. Have an enjoyable evening.
                Lynne Lansberg

                — Lynne Lansberg

              • Feb 21, 2018

                Did you add my name. I took Ordinary Grace to St Barths but will miss the first meeting. Will be there in March.
                Hope you are doing better and nice note about your Mom.

                — Kimberly Westcoat

              • Feb 06, 2018

                What a wonderful selection for your first book club meeting, Ellen. This is by far one of my all-time favorite books, one of the few I could read again. How I wish I could join the discussion. Enjoy!! I’ll be eager to see what your future selections will be!

                — Marilou Cooper

              • Feb 04, 2018

                Do you still have space?

                — Valerie Hockgraver

              • Jan 30, 2018

                Would love to participate in your book group. Will stop by on Friday to begin the half-and-half cowl project, a perfect garment to knit during gatherings to discuss books. The first book selection is a good one. ‘Hope I’m responding in time to be included. Thanks and kind regards, Kaite Hanlon, Port Republic, MD

                — Kaite Hanlon

              • Jan 23, 2018

                I listen to books every day while I work in my clay studio, when I take a drive into town and have a third that I read before sleep. A good discussion about an interesting read is always enjoyable . I have been wanting to join a book
                Club for the last year . I hope to join this one .

                — Sarah houde

              • Jan 09, 2018

                I will be away until the end of February, but would love to be included in the March meeting.
                Antha Koonce

                — Antha Koonce

              • Jan 09, 2018

                Space permitting, I would enjoy joining your quality book discussion group. Having been an English major and an English/literature teacher for 30 years, I am a life long reader. It’s always refreshing to be in the company of other likeminded, kindred readers. An added bonus is the cushioning environment of yarns and knitters (one of my favorite therapies). Hope to be squeezed in. Thanks.
                Lynne Lansberg

                — Lynne Lansberg

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