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Five reasons to love the Cocoknits Method

Our second Cocoknits Method Sweater Workshop is this Saturday.  If you haven't signed up, do hurry, because it's almost full.  There are some new techniques to learn, but some of it is just a new application of skills you already have.  It's not hard, but it is new, and this class, will take you all the way through the fiddly bits.  If you're wondering if the Cocoknits method is for you, here are five reasons you might like it

  1. The sweaters are worked in the round, so if you hate seaming, that's probably reason enough
  2. Unlike most in-the-round sweaters, Cocoknits designs have flattering set-in sleeves, so you'll look good in a Cocoknit sweater
  3. It's developed by Julie Weisenberger, one of my favorite designers. She's an accomplished knitter and designer who understands the technical details needed to make garments that fit and flatter
  4. The sweaters in designed for this method are very stylish -- clean, chic, and current.
  5. Once you're set up and your worksheet is filled out, you can relax and knit - just follow worksheet, row by row.
  6. Ok, I said 5, but here's a bonus reason. The patterns are flexible - you want a different neckline, it's easy to make that happen.  Longer or shorter sleeves? No problem.  More length in the body?  Go for it.  I gave my Emma more body length, longer sleeves, and a shallower neckline.  And that was on my first go!

Pretty good stuff, eh?  You can sign up here.  In the class you'll be knitting Emma, the cover design.  Jenny and I have both knit Emma - Jenny's is in super bulky, and mine is in worsted.  I'm ready to start another one and am drooling over these designs.  If you took the Cocoknits Method Workshop with us before, have a look at these beauties.  Which one do you think you'd like to do next?


Rosa is a smart little pullover with a stylish hi-lo hem.  It would be perfect in Aalta Truth or Stitch Sprouts Yellowstone.


Madeline is a cute striped cardigan worked in sport weight for a nice light summer garment.  I would probably go with Lunar and Twig, because I just can't get enough of that combination!


Probably the most fun to knit is Kiki, a cozy cabled cardigan worked in worsted weight.  How gorgeous would this be in Juniper Moon Moonshine!  Or how about lovely hand-dyed Hazelknits Cadence.  Fabulous. 

  • Ellen Lewis
  • classesCocoknitsPatterns we love

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