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It's First Friday this week, and we have a great project planned for you.  This beautiful wrap in Noro Tokonatsu is part shawl, part capelet, and totally fabulous.  

Noro Tokonatsu Wrap

It's just what you need to keep your shoulders covered in those frosty, over-air-conditioned spaces we brave all summer - the grocery store, the movie theater, and most restaurants.  It's even a nice way to keep the blazing sun of your shoulders when you're out and about.  The clever use of two increase points makes this shawl look like a trendy capelet and keeps it on your shoulders without any fiddling or fussing as you go about your busy life, so you look and feel relaxed, comfortable, and pulled together. 

Noro Tokonatsu wrap on model

The shawl features a simple lace edging that's modern looking and easy to knit.  It takes just 3 skeins of Tokonatsu, so it's a fun and quick project.  Come see how beautifully soft and wearable it is. We have lots of colors, but they're going to go quickly, so come choose your favorite and get started with us First Friday. 

Can't make it into the shop?  Order the kit on-line here and we'll pop it in the mail to you.  Depending on where you are, you should have it in a day or two, so you won't miss out on the First Friday fun!



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Erick Kent
Erick Kent

June 29, 2016

Ellen would love this!!!

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