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Knightshift Knitalong

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Knightshift Knitalong

Nightshift has taken the knitting community by storm.  Designed by the uber-adorable Andrea Mowry, Nightshift is a large, asymmetrical triangular shawl that uses slip stitches to produce a fabric that plays colors against one another to wonderful effect. With a beautiful  surprise on every row, Nightshift is fun and interesting to knit without being overly challenging -- a lot of bang for your knitting buck.

The original design uses a lovely marled fiber in warm hand-dyed hues, but for me, Noro is the obvious choice. I asked Keidi the speed knitter, to work a sample in Kureyon, so we pulled some fairly random colors that went together, more or less. It's Kureyon.  We really had no idea how it would come out.  Needless to say, it was spectacular.  There was such synergy among the colors, I just couldn't stop looking at it.

Kureyon colors are bold, and the way it's spun makes the color shifts crisp, so each section looks like rows of tiny jewels set in a case.   Keidi assures me that she just followed the pattern, and did nothing out of the ordinary other than to move to a different part of the skein to give enough contrast between the two colors in a row.  That's it.  Just follow the pattern and let the yarn do the work.  It's a fast knit too -- getting to that next Noro color is compelling - you just don't want to put it down!

If you'd like to get started on your own Nightshift, join us Friday, March 22nd from 5-7.  Keidi will be on hand to go over the techniques, and I'm happy to help you choose colors, if you like.  It takes 9 skeins of Kureyon, and if you have a random skein or two in your stash, bring it in, and we'll help you round out your palette.  If you want to make one in the exact colors Keidi used, I have kits put together for that as well. 

Sign up here to attend the event, and we'll just hold a space for you Friday.  Looking forward to seeing you then!

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  • Mar 14, 2019

    Spectacular indeed! Another fabulous project from Crazy for Ewe!

    — Laura Wickstead

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