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Mitten knitalong

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Mitten knitalong

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; Bright copper kettles and w___ w_____ m______

Did you get it?  Warm Woolen Mittens!  I love The Sound of Music.  Cliched?  Maybe, but I don't care.  Who can resist singing along as Maria ticks off her favorite things?  Mittens are cozy and happy, crusted with snow as we reach for a cup of steaming cocoa.  Don't burn your tongue! 

Yes, yes, I know, it's August, but the time to start thinking about mittens is now..  It's too late when it's already snowing!  Mittens are quick and fun and easy - you can turn a pair out in - oh, a weekend, if you're just hanging out binge-watching your favorite show.  If you have a life, it'll be a little longer, so our knitalong lasts three weeks.  That should be long enough even for me!

Join us for a knitalong of The World's Simplest Mittens.  We're using a machine washable worsted weight hand-dyed yarn because mittens should be FUN!  Get your pattern here, and join us at the table starting August 24th.  You'll want either two circulars or double points in US Size 5 (3.75mm) and US size 7 (4.5mm).   .  

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  • Aug 28, 2018

    Is it to late for me start this knit-a-long

    — Arrylee

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