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It's First Friday this week, and our project is worked in my favorite summer Noro yarn, Mirai. You may remember Mirai as the lovely fiber Lisa Barnes used for the recent Noro Magazine cover scarf, but Mirai is so much more than just a scarf yarn. The biggest complaint many knitters and crocheters have Noro is "it's not soft," but Mirai is different. A softly plied blend of cotton and silk, this is one of the softest yarn I've ever used. Soft colors too.

The pattern for our First Friday project is written for Taiyo, but the Crazy for Ewe team agreed that Taiyo would be too heavy. Since Mirai is billed as a dk/worsted weight yarn, I was concerned that it would be too fine and we'd have to re-work the pattern at a new gauge. But I happened to have a size 10 needle in my bag with the skein of Mirai I'd brought along to swatch, and thought I'd give it a try anyway. What do you know, Mirai looks great at that gauge - not too fine at all.

Noro Mirai swatch for Noro Blanket Poncho

The garment will be lighter overall, and since there's so much yardage on Mirai, it only takes 4 skeins -- good news all around!

The stitch pattern is easy and intuitive, but not boring, so it will go quickly, and you'll really enjoy working it. Plus you'll have a wonderful garment to pull on this summer when the air-conditioning is working overtime. 

I look forward to seeing you First Friday and helping you get started on your Mirai poncho.  You are always welcome here.


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Elaine Phillips
Elaine Phillips

May 30, 2017

AND it looks like a fun take-along project possibility!

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