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Hello, my beautiful knitters! 

This week Rowan launched their Midwinter Makealong with a series of fun projects to knit along with Martin Storey for the holiday season.  We’ve been planning for it since May with kits and classes, and my interview with Martin on our YouTube channel.  It would be no surprise if the idea of knitting your holiday gifts had popped into your mind. I know, it’s July, and it’s hot, but if you are serious about knitting gifts, you want to start now. 


Why make hand knitted gifts?

First, let’s talk about why we might want to knit gifts for others.  As any knitter knows, it’s not about saving money.  The yarn costs are significant, there is your time, and there is the opportunity cost of knitting gifts when you could be knitting for yourself.  So, if it’s not about saving money, why do it? Let's talk about that.  

A hand knit gift is about giving something infused with your time, creativity, and love 

We all have an array of people to think about during the holiday season: gracious hostess who welcomes you into her home; teachers who spend 8 hours a day with your children; loving family and friends who are there for you 24/7.   These people are worth the time it takes to create something special that speaks to your unique relationship with them.  

A hand knit gift is lovely on its own, of course, but you can take it to the next level by creating a theme or special experience around the gift.  For instance, if you have a friend who’s into luxury fragrance and self care, imagine pairing a delicately knitted washcloth with a box of luxury soap and a scented candle creating a spa-like moment for her.


How long does it take to knit a gift

A couple of years ago, Ginni and I timed ourselves knitting worsted weight yarn.  She knits continental and I'm knit traditional English.  We both averaged about 1 yard every 2 minutes in straight stockinette.  So, if you have a hat that takes 200 yards, that will be 400 minutes or so.  I would say that you could knit a simple hat in worsted weight yarn in a day if you did nothing else at all. 


How to plan your holiday gift knitting

The key to a successful knitting season is planning and pacing.Starting now gives you time to do bigger projects like blankets in medium weight yarns and wraps in fine yarns. This is the thought behind Rowan’s Midwinter Makealong as well as our Coming Together shawl knitalong. 

As we get closer, there are smaller things to do that will only take a month or so.  Depending on the gauge and how much time you have, a hat with a luxe fur pom or a cozy pillow could be your go-to.   These small gifts are perfect for super luxurious yarn that you might only use in smaller amounts anyway.   I love the accessories Clinton Hill has put together for their gorgeous cashmere.  

If you’re like me, you might find yourself needing last-minute gifts - things you can whip up fast.  This is when chunkier yarn and small size are your friend. You’d be surprised how quickly you can knit a cute headband, a mug cozy, or bed slippers.  Again, pair these quick knit items with thoughtful partners for a fabulous gift that doesn’t feel like an afterthought.

The warmth, love, and positive energy you work into the fabric makes knitted gifts so special –  each stitch brings you closer to the recipient.

Take a few minutes this summer to think about who on your list you’d really like to honor with a hand knit gift.  Take some time to think about them, what they might like, and how you can craft a truly special hand knit remembrance for them. 

On this YouTube video, I share a full list of handknit gift combinations with the patterns help get you started.


  There are countless ideas you can come up with, I’m sure!  Post your ideas in the comments for others.  


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July 28, 2023

Sachets made lovely gifts. Filled with rosemary, rose petals or lavender is wonderful and you can pair this gift with some essential oils or a favorite bottle of perfume.

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