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Stanza Cowl this Sunday

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Stanza Cowl this Sunday

Stanza Cowl Shibui Drift

And by this Sunday, I mean tomorrow. We're doing the Stanza Cowl in new Shibui Drift.  This is a simple pattern with the sole purpose of showing of a spectacular fiber.  Drift is a spectacular fiber.  A luxurious heavy worsted weight blend of merino and cashmere, Drift has a velvety hand and a cozy plumpness that's heaven to knit.  Everything about this fiber is ultra luxe.  It's like heavy cream - rich and decadent.  

The colors are clear and saturated - I love this red. The picture doesn't really do it justice, but it's a bright true red - like a good lipstick --perfect for a winter.

Shibui Drift The other colors are pretty great too, and of course the cream, my favorite, is always elegant. 

Drift is the perfect fiber to put right next to your skin, so you'll love knitting it, and you'll just love having it around your neck - so cozy and beautiful.  It's a super quick knit too, so if there's anyone deserving on your holiday gift list, knitting Stanza in Drift would be a treat for yourself and them!  

Join us tomorrow at 1 p.m. to get started.  

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  • Dec 10, 2016

    wish I could join your group tomorrow’s for the Stanza Cowl, but I live in Boynton Beach, Fl.
    However I could order the yarn and pattern from you. Do you have the red color available?

    — sandy stiner

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