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Crazy for Ewe

Blue Heron art

The Blue Heron event was amazing.  I always forget how gorgeous those colors are and how many fun garments you can make with just a skein or two.  

Although we've packed up the samples to make way for the Indigo trunk show, we still have the Blue Heron yarns on hand through Tuesday.  So, you didn't have a chance to stop in over the weekend, you can still get a Blue Heron fix, but you'll have to hurry, because everything goes back home to Easton Tuesday at noon.   

I enjoy going over to Easton to pick up the yarn.  It's a long trip, but a nice drive up Route 4 and across the water, even if the Bay Bridge is kind of scary.  The Eastern Shore is a lovely destination, and Blue Heron Yarns has some beautiful fiber art on display.  My favorite is the one above with the hand-dyed silk shoreline and the heron in front.  Here's another very nice three dimensional piece.  





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New stuff keeps arriving.  William comes in almost every day with a big stack of boxes and I think - gosh, I wonder what that is!  I know I wrote it all down and was quite sure I was on top of it, but I guess a few things got away from me. That's okay, because each box is a happy little surprise. Like Christmas almost. We received the first wave of two new summer Noro yarns - including that super soft blend of cotton and silk. People have been fondling the swatch on the table ever since the rep left. Well, it's finally here. Yeah!

Even re-orders are fun. You forget just how beautiful something is until you see it again and think, wow, I really do love this stuff. I tell my kids that's how they should feel about someone before they take the plunge. Each time you see him or her, you should fall in love all over again. That's how I feel about Scrumptious from Fyberspates. This yarn is simply gorgeous. It's that buttery blend of silk and wool that's incomparably soft and silky. The colors are rich and true. Who'd have imagined it's machine washable too. So go ahead and indulge in all that luxury right next to your skin. You can toss it in the washing machine without worry. Need a little inspiration? How about this smart little shell? Yum.

 Garments not your thing? How about this lovely infinity scarf? Designed specifically for Scrumptious, it's a fun and interesting knit that lets you play with two or three or as many colors as you like!  

Come get a few skeins, because not many things in life are so Scrumptious with zero calories!

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