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Train your mind to see the good in everything

I recently started taking classes at Spice, and I absolutely love it - the space, the teachers, the music, the whole experience.  As I was leaving the other day, I told Nicole, the owner, that over the last couple of years I hadn't been taking care of my body and how nice it was  to do so again.  The little aches and bits of stiffness that were creeping up on me are starting to go away and I'm beginning to feel strong. 

I started thinking about how we (and when I say we, I mean women) are so quick to give up time for ourselves in exchange for time to take care of others.  And when we do give ourselves time to take care of ourselves, it's usually taking care of our bodies.  We walk, swim, lift weights, or do yoga - maybe all of the above.  But what about taking care of our spirit, our soul -- whatever we call that part of our psyche that makes us who we are.  Most of us don't give that part of ourselves too much attention.  I know I don't.  Why is that, I wonder?  I think maybe it's because taking care of our bodies is so tangible.  When we exercise it's all very clear and measurable -- miles logged, calories burned etc.  By contrast, taking care of our spirit is so very fuzzy, and the symptoms of a lack of care are so much a part of modern life that we scarcely notice them: headache, stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, and more. 

The good news, as I am finding at Spice, is that taking care of my body doesn't have to be hitting the bricks at 6 am with weights and a run - it can be simple, easy, and fun, like my barre and dance classes.  Likewise, taking care of your spirit doesn't have to be hours of meditating in a lotus position.  It can be as simple and fun as a few minutes of mindful knitting.  When you engage yourself in the practice for just a few minutes each day, the anxieties and stresses begin to ease.  You'll approach yourself and others with greater kindness, and you'll find reasons to be grateful everywhere you look.  Sound like something you need in your life, but not sure how to get started?  Join us this Wednesday for an introduction to knitting mindfully.  You'll be glad you did. 

I look forward to seeing you in class and around the table.  You are always welcome here. 

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Marge Stevens
Marge Stevens

September 26, 2017

This is a message I needed to hear today, with all of the negative, frightening and downright stressful “vibes” surrounding us. Taking up my knitting project, even if only for a few rows, does calm my brain and help me to refocus my energy.

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