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  • April 08, 2024 3 min read 1 Comment

    Slow Fashion and Quiet Luxury

    In a world increasingly cluttered with the noise of fast fashion, I find slow fashion and quiet luxury to be welcome and comforting antidotes.  Championing a return to thoughtful consumption and quality craftsmanship, slow fashion and quiet luxury help us create a deeper, more personal connection to what we own and what we wear,  As we celebrate Earth Day and Local Yarn Store Day this month, I want to talk a little bit about how these two philosophies guide us in creating wardrobes that are not only environmentally conscious but also rich in personal value and style.

    Slow quiet luxury

    Quiet luxury speaks to the soul of slow fashion. It’s almost impossible to separate. I would like to propose a new term that combines them - Slow Quiet Luxury–found in quality sustainability, and timeless style. It's a reminder that true luxury isn't about logos or price tags but the intimate journey of creation and the value of pieces that endure.

    In knitting, we find the perfect expression of slow quiet luxury. Each project is an act of mindful creation, choosing patterns and yarns for their lasting beauty and functionality as much as for the immediate pleasure of working with them. Knitting allows us to build a wardrobe showcases our personal style and tells world who we are and what’s important to us.

    Creating a Slow Quiet Luxury wardrobe

    So, how do you get there? What does slow quiet luxury look like?  I would say that you’re probably already have a pretty good understanding of it.  You’re investing in quality yarn and knitting garments you love to wear.  I think most knitters, even some of the more trendy and fashion forward knitters I know, want to be able to wear their handknits for a long time. These garments are investments not only in the purchase of the yarn, but in the time spent creating them, and we want to wear them a lot and enjoy them for a long time.  

    While all knitting is slow fashion, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help keep you on the slow quiet luxury track. Let’s look at them.

    Choosing good patterns:

    Timeless, classic designs remain fashionable across seasons and years, transcending fleeting trends. These pieces become staples in our wardrobe, loved and worn for decades. The key is in simplicity and functionality; garments that complement various outfits and occasions are more likely to be used and valued for a longer period.

    Quality Materials

    Yarn choice plays a crucial role in slow quiet luxury.  Quality natural fibers last longer and look better than synthetics.  The colors of yarns available through a Local Yarn Store are also a reflection of quality with sophisticated wearable colors that flatter your skin and work with other garments you own.

    Careful Craftsmanship

    Fabrics knit at a slightly tighter gauge look more elegant and tend to wear better and last longer than loosely knit fabrics. I know you may not want to hear this, but seamed sweaters tend to fit better, look more refined, and keep their shape longer than seamless designs.

    Your Local Yarn Store partner

    Crazy for Ewe, like most local yarn stores, is a strong ally if you want to follow the slow quiet luxury path.  We recognize the investment a handknit sweater is, and we are here to help you make good choices about yarn, gauge, patterns, and more.  We share your concern for sustainability, so we are careful about yarns we put on the shelves - we know what we’re buying and who we’re buying it from.  We know the story behind the yarn, and we support traceable fibers and ethical practices in yarn production. We are here to help you build a collection of sustainable garments and we’re here to show you the ways of fine craftsmanship that is the hallmark of slow quiet luxury.  

    So, as we think about the importance of Earth Day and look forward to celebrating Local Yarn Store Day, let’s reaffirm our commitment to slow fashion and quiet luxury.   Through our choices in materials, designs, and techniques, we can create a wardrobe that not only elevates our style but also honors our planet.

    Join me and Ginni on this week's YouTube discussion as we share our experiences and insights on crafting garments that are as enduring as they are beautiful.

    And tell me in the comments what you think about slow quiet luxury




    1 Response

    Kelly McGowan
    Kelly McGowan

    April 09, 2024

    i’ve heard the saying before that “money shouts, wealth whispers,” and i think that’s absolutely the difference between buying something because it’s an expensive luxury brand and never mind that it’ll be ‘off-trend’ in a matter of months, versus investing in something because it’s a well-considered luxury treat for both your present self and your future self that will never go out of style as long as it’s worn with pride and confidence. i somehow doubt that major fashion houses are gonna be out here like “this season’s hot new thing is [checks notes] traditional shetland heirloom lace!” but what power does that hold in the face of a well-made and well-kept piece of textile art?

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