November 11, 2017 2 min read

I just bought a new cookbook because it's going to change my life.  It's called  A New Way to Dinner, and it's all about cooking once for the whole week.  I know, there are dozens of articles about cooking a thing and using it over and over, but this book is laid out by season, with 4 week's worth of menus, grocery lists, and game plans for each. It doesn't cover every single week of the year, but that's ok.   Most weeks I kind of enjoy meal planning - poring over recipes is a hobby in itself.  But sometimes my brain is full, and I don't want to have to think.  I just want someone else to tell me what to do.  What to buy and how to cook it.  It's an act of faith to put your family's entire week of meals in someone else's hands, but the authors are former food writers for the New York Times, and they speak my language.  I trust them, and I've enjoyed the break their guidance has given my brain.  I also love that following their plan forces me out of my comfort zone a little - makes me try things I've never had before.  Like persimmons. My whole life I've heard that persimmons were nasty, tannic, and mouth-puckerly miserable.  Never even dared to taste one.  But Sunday I bought two persimmons for this recipe.  Turns out they're pretty good - a nice autumnal change from the ubiquitous apple.  Had I not given myself over to the plan as written, I would never have known. 

In much the same way, relinquishing control over all the decisions of a project is a little break for your knitting brain.  That's what our mystery knits are about.  We pick the project, we pick the yarn.  We do tell you what it is so there's no stress in that area.  This mystery knit is a beautiful cowl, by the way.  But everything else, you leave to us. All you have to do say, "Yes, I'm on board," then relax into the process.  You get your game plan each week - a clue that tells you just what to do that week.  You don't know what the cowl will look like, so it is a bit of an act of faith, but it's not a big leap.  You know us, and you can trust us that this cowl will be beautiful and fabulous.  It might take you out of your comfort zone a little, stretching your knitting muscles a bit, but like the persimmon that found its way into my salad, it's will be a nice addition to your knitting life.

Stop by the shop and choose your colors, or simply pick one of the combinations we've put together here.  

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