ChiaoGoo Forté 2.0 Interchangeable Set

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Introducing the new and improved Forte 2.0 Interchangeable Set from ChiaoGoo.

Introduced in 2022, this luxury addition to the ChiaoGoo line features sleek black shafts with metal tips so you can enjoy warmth in your hands and the sharp stiletto tip you love. 

In addition to the original accessories and memory-free SWIV Cables, Forte 2.0 includes includes a set of three red TWIST [S] memory-free cables, so you can choose to have your cables swivel or not.

Also, to give your small needle tips more strength and flexibility, the shafts of the [S] join tips (US2-8 / 2.75-5mm) are crafted of lustrous black carbon fiber.  The larger tips are crafted from African blackwood.  Both of these luxurious materials are used in fine woodwinds, violins, and other musical instruments.

The original Forte sets sold out immediately, and there is an extremely limited number of Forte 2.0 sets available for delivery in early 2024. 

If you are interested, please pre-order right away. Pre-orders will be delivered as soon as the Forte 2.0 sets are released by ChiaoGoo  

Read more about the set here 

  • 14 pairs of 5" tips - US 2-15 (2.75mm-10mm)
  • 6 memory-free swivel cables
  • 3 memory-free red TWIST [S] cables
  • Stainless steel scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • End stoppers
  • Stitch Markers
  • Darning needles
  • Needle/swatch gauge

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