Trisha Malcolm presentation

Trisha Malcolm is one of the most celebrated members of the international Knitterati.  As Editor-in-Chief of Vogue knitting for nearly 2 decades, she was a major influence on the hand-knit industry.  She was the force behind the introduction of Vogue Knitting Live which continues to bring the hand-knit, high fashion experience to readers live and in person.

Now, Trisha brings her special magic to Rowan Yarns, following the runway shows and helping to shape the look and feel of Rowan's iconic magazine and pattern collections.

I'm thrilled to welcome Trisha to Crazy for Ewe, so you can meet her and hear what she has to say on coming knitwear fashion trends and more. 

We'll have champagne and appetizers, fun door prizes and a swag bag with a pattern collection from the current season, and more.  It's going to be great.  

Monday, May 9th at 5 pm.  Space is limited. Please register early.