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This is Dave, the wonderfully talented knitter and sound engineer who's been helping me put together some videos for you. The first was our promo for the Stash Class.  Last week he filmed a few technique videos on things like how to cast on or how to make a particular type of increase.  Because Dave is a knitter, he was able to identify and zoom in on the various shots and angles that he thought would best help other knitters.  You can see what we have so far here

Dave also implemented the cool intro with the fun little sheep. He's the greatest.  Yes, he actually knits, bakes awesome peanut butter cookies, and is a terrific dad to his two boys.  And yes, he's totally straight and happily married.  ;)

I'm really proud of the videos we've done, but even the best videos cannot look at your needles and see what you are doing or where you are struggling.  So, while I hope these videos will help while you're home, please know that if you're still not clear on a technique, come by the shop and ask.  You are always welcome here.   

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Dara Allen
Dara Allen

January 21, 2015

So Cool! I’ve subscribed to this channel so I can watch these great videos as they come out!

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