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I asked my darling daughter, Elizabeth, to help me consolidate all of my Google+ stuff into a single page.  I thought it would be no sweat since she is a software engineer at Google.  Apparently I was wrong, and she had some very choice words to share with me on the Google+ user interface. It was refreshing to hear that my troubles were not due to advanced age and/or lack of tech savviness.   I was most relieved.  Anyway, the downside is that I had to re-upload all the videos I did last week to my new YouTube (EweTube) channel, so if you subscribed to the old channel, you'll want to re-subscribe to the new one here.  

Thanks for reading the blog, watching the videos, and being generally Crazy for Ewe!  I'm Crazy for Ewe too!  

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  • Jan 27, 2015

    Good Evening,
    On your retreat, will participants have. To get to the retreat on their own or is a bus trip included?

    — Loretha Dixon

  • Jan 27, 2015


    — Dara Allen

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