Leonardtown party and such

December 20, 2010 1 min read

Maggie finished up her very first sweater while we partied last week.  It's worked in Ushya (very yummy) and yes, it's supposed to have holes in it.  It's part of the look.  You can't tell from this photo, but Maggie's hair is back to a nice normal shade of purple after that last crazy foray into plain brunette.  

Ginni got in early to show us the sweater she knitted for Father Meyers.  Incredible work with Kathmandu Chunky in complicated cables and such.  Very lovely - and did you notice how nicely the buttons go with this garment?  

 Lynda was pleased to show us her completed wrap from one of the fall's First Fridays.  She used that gorgeous brown and copper shade of Borealis.  Just beautiful, Lynda - both you and the wrap.

Ami has finally finished the incredible, 2000 yard seed stitch blanket in Shepherd's Wool.  So soft.  I understand that Ami now sorts all projects into one of two categories:  those she will consider knitting, and those that are worked in seed stitch. I don't guess she'll be joining any Twenty-Four Seven Jacket knit-alongs any time soon.

Ginni, despite her protestations, decided to participate in the ornament exchange.

I didn't get a photo of all the ornaments (too busy drinking pink cocktails), but we had fun. - Maggie's lost and then regained the beautiful sequined hummingbird, which was equally festive as a hair accessory.

Santa brought the shop some adorable bookends.  Here's the first one - can you guess what the second one says? 

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