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A perfect piece

April 24, 2012 1 min read

Sally Melville, the goddess of knitting, and my first and best professional knitting teacher, has publicly endorsed the work of designer, Veera Valimaki.  If her name is familiar to you, it's because she's the originator of our most popular shawl, Color Affection.  Our own Michele Lightbown spied that piece months ago and found it to be a totally addictive knit.  Choosing colors that work together without competing is a thrill - here's what Sally has to say about a related shawl by this designer:

But what fun when we put even more of ourselves into the piece. There's a wonderful shawl on RAVELRY--the Stripe Study. It's a perfect piece: easy, artistic (because it's asymmetrical), wonderful to wear. (These are my three criteria for a great design.) But the best part may be that you choose your own two colors. Only two, but what a variety of results! 

Did you catch that?  Sally Melville, prolific designer, author of numerous incredibly successful books, and inventor of the Einstein Coat describes a "perfect piece" as something easy, artistic, and wonderful to wear.  I LOVE that.  She can (and has) knit a multitude of complicated garments - hell, she's designed them, but what she finds to be the "perfect piece" is not one of those complicated things.  It's simple elegance.  It's a single tulip in a clear vase.  It's grilled fish with sea salt. It's a glass of wine with a good friend.  Simple, perfect pleasures need no adornment.  How refreshing!

Michele is leading Color Affection in the Small Shawls group Thursday nights in La Plata and Friday nights in Leonardtown - 6-9.  Come.