Lovely Marilou

April 21, 2012 2 min read 1 Comment

Is there a more beautiful color for a redhead than green! Marilou's lovely Lois jacket fits her perfectly and looks just fabulous.  The Lois jacket is worked in Rowan Drift, a super-bulky yarn, but unlike so many designs at that gauge, it is truly flattering and looks really professional.  We have always said that the gauge of a garment (number of stitches per inch) is inversely proportional to the likelihood that someone will ask if you made it yourself.  It is true that sometimes garments knit with really chunky yarn tend to look less professional.  It's just hard to get smooth curves and tidy seams when there are so few stitches per inch.  But that's just not the case here.  What makes it work?  Well first, the shaping is really simple.  Knit side to side, the sleeves flow smoothly into the body.  The only seams are at the side, and they're simple straight seams.  The back is closed with a clever three needle bind off on the right side so  it looks like part of the pattern stitch.

Another thing that makes the Lois jacket work is that scale of the garment is in keeping with the scale of the yarn.  Drift is super bulky, but this jacket is large and has lots and lots of ease, so the yarn doesn't seem cramped.  IMHO. the Lois jacket is an example of why Kim Hargreaves is such a spectacular designer.  She understands these issues and knows just how to design to flatter both yarn and wearer.  Awesome!  Check out some of Kim's warm weather designs in the shop.  We have allof her books.

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April 24, 2012

The sweater is lovely and very flattering. I like your analysis of the pattern, execution and bulky yarn. Very enlightening – thanks.

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