Need a break?

August 02, 2012 1 min read

Line Break photo courtesy of Veera Valimaki
I do - I need Line Break, this month's First Friday project!   This is such a great project - fun, intuitive, and so great to own.  It's the perfect answer to summer's freezing cold offices, movie theaters, and grocery stores.  Not to mention that it's a terrific accessory you'll carry around with you all the time - just ask beautiful Michelle Monroe!  

I started mine last night - after 6 p.m. - and I've already done this much.  Had to get up early to take my DD to have her wisdom teeth extracted, so, no, I wasn't up till all hours knitting - it's just fun and simple.  It's exactly what I need right now.  How about you?   


If so, join us at our First Friday celebration - from 5 - 8 p.m. for pink drinks and a break - a Line Break! 

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