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Paint by number?
A lovely and creative knitter recently said that she didn't really consider herself an artist because knitting, well, is more like paint by numbers.  That comment has been with me for days and days as I've turned it over in my mind.  Is knitting artistic?  Does it count if we didn't design the thing ourselves?  Part of me says, well, more
Knitting is genius

Knitting is genius

We're all quick to undervalue what we're good at, taking for granted our unique set of skills and characteristics.   I thought about this while my son, Johnny, was home for the day Sunday.  We were not at all sure where he would find his more

Patience is hard. Knitting helps

Patience is Hard - Knitting helps Crazy for Ewe

We're none of us born patient, as a baby's wails demanding immediacy can attest.  But we learn as we grow that we must wait, and we find that we can.  We wait for big things and small alike  --  our loved ones to return home, our gardens to grow, and our turn to cross the street.  Waiting is hard, plain and simple. more

Mothers, mentors, and powerful women
Happy mothers day from Crazy for Ewe

This weekend we celebrate Mothers' Day.  I like to think about Mothers' Day not just as a day to remember our own mothers, but a day to recognize and honor all the influential women in our lives.  Certainly, our mothers are the first to love us, but there are so many strong women who have nurtured us.  These are the women more

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