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Translating the trends

Translating the trends
I’ve said many times that the difference between craft store yarn and yarn store yarn is that yarn store yarn is part of the fashion industry.  The colors and textures of yarn store yarn are all driven by what shows up on the runways in Paris, Milan, London, and New York.  Careful research and an innate ability to spot correlating themes among the shows than guides designers on shapes, silhouettes, textures, and other trends.  There’s also a requirement to look at street trends and influences that bubble up and influence what we want to wear.  Continue reading

Why Rowan?

Why Rowan?

People start knitting for all different reasons. I started when I was in college because I always loved sweaters, and I wanted to make my own. Sure, I loved having it as a creative outlet since I had run out of places to put my needlepoint, and yes, it was enormously helpful to knit while I put off all the papers I had to write. There’s a word for that, by the way - Procrastiknitting.

Since I came to knitting from that sweater-making route, I’ve always considered knitting a fashion-oriented hobby.  Lots of my sorority sisters were knitting cute little tops and vests and more.  So I was shocked, perhaps naively, so, when I found that knitting has a reputation as a hobby for old ladies, and that handknit garments are frumpy and unattractive. I was crushed, outraged even.  Ever since, I've been on a personal crusade to show the world how beautiful and fashionable hand knitting is. And I love it when I have partners in that effort. One of my favorite is Rowan Yarns.

I’ve been featuring quite a bit of Rowan lately. They really blew me away with their Mode line last fall, and I've been all in ever since. After our Rowan yarn tasting Saturday, Rowan Brand Manager. David McLeod, and I stayed on the line to chat a bit, and I asked him what he thought set Rowan apart.  He said that it's because Rowan has always been designer lead. What that means for to me is that instead of having a bunch of business executives come up with a yarn and choose a color palette they think will have broad appeal and sell well, Rowan starts their whole process with a team of talented designer. The designs come first.  

Designers and their stylistic vision guide the development of the yarns and the palette.  They’re not creating patterns to promote a yarn, but rather bringing the vision of a fashion collection to the table that the entire team works to realized with yarns.  The primary focus is the knitter and how she can re-create the stylish aesthetic presented in their collection and make it her own.  A I said in the tasting, the Rowan line is cohesive--their offerings make sense.  Nothing is random or out of place because they're all designed by talented and experienced professionals who share our goal of creating beautiful garments we can knit ourselves..Additionally, these designers understand that a hand knit wardrobe needs to be built on pieces that both look modern but also stand the test of time.  Pieces that last and we're proud to wear

We spend a lot of time creating our handknits garments, and  there’s no reason in the world did they shouldn’t be stylish and smart. Thank you, Rowan, for supporting fashionable knitters everywhere. 

If you would like to see the Rowan Trunk Show in person, we still have it in the shop for a few more days. If you can't make it in person, take a look at the video presentations here and here on Facebook Live.

I look forward to seeing you soon -- you are always welcome here


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Cotton Lustre is on sale!

Cotton Lustre is on sale!

I love Cotton Lustre -- it's one of those fibers that looks even better in the knitted fabric than it does in the skein.  Last season we all fell in love with the Misaka Cardigan

Mary did a class on it, and it came out great!

Rowan Misaka Cardigan in Cotton Lustre

Great shape, great styling, and such a feel. The swatch of it lay on the table all summer, and everyone petted and drooled over it.  Just gorgeous. Very smooshy with lovely drape.  Amazing.   

I'd succumbed to Cotton Lustre's charms and chose it for my Custom Fit tank.  It was so nice to work with, and it's delicious against my skin.  Silky soft and really comfortable.  Also worth noting, since this is a next-to-the-skin garment, Cotton Lustre is happily machine washed and dried.  Just one more reason to love it.


I'm cold most all the time, so I've been thinking about a wrap to go with my tank.  This one is just spectacular and so easy! 


Color blocks are super popular, and this wrap is a great way to get look.  Stylish but not too trendy, it's an easy knit and a versatile third layer you'll reach for again and again.  The sample garment just happens to go with my tank, but we've put together several beautiful color combinations you'll love. 

You'll find out in the newsletter tomorrow morning, but I know you can keep a secret, so, I can tell you Cotton Lustre is on sale!  Save 20% tomorrow through Saturday, April 23rd.  If you hurry, there will be enough for a Misaka Cardigan, or maybe one of my other favorites from the Cotton Lustre book.

Cotton Lustre patterns

But don't wait - how sad would you be if your favorite color was all sold out?    

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